Empatech Makina was established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 2015. It is a company which is based on the satisfaction of its customers throughout Turkey and is an institutional and machine manufacturer. We are focused on quality for our customers. We always providing the most appropriate production prices, fast terminus and on time delivery so this is making us a rising value in our industry.

Through the technological advances, need for human power is decreasing day by day in every sector at the present time. Especially heavy industrial pipes need to be done by machine, not by human power. As an Empatech Makina we produce industrial pipes packing machine. In addition, our research and development works are continuing to bring our machines above European standards and to offer products that will provide the utmost benefit to our customers.

Our production policy is based on efficiency, focused on solution, aimed at zero error based on continuous improvement with innovative process approach.

In addition, our company produces precision parts of our machines with CNC machines. Our quality policies include reducing our costs, increasing our productivity and long-term profitability, and securing our future.


We are going to become the leading company of the sector with product quality, service and added value.

To provide quality, economical and extensive service / product range.

   To accept projects that we believe will be useful, sturdy, durable and functional to human beings, nature, and the


To determine the expectations and needs of the customer in the best way and to provide the service accordingly.

To work with qualified and experienced workforce and to use material equipment according to the standards.


In the days when technology is rapidly advancing, to closely follow technology around the world. Our priority is to ensure that industrialists continue their services with confidence by machines which is reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

To provide quality at every step of the service.

To work at national and international standards.

To give importance to work and worker health.

To give importance to the environment

To respond to the requests in the desired place and time.

To providing uninterrupted customer satisfaction.

To develop and maintain relationships in family warmth with the customer.

Empatech Makina Engineering sincerely hopes to meet you with the pleasure of reaching our goals with sure steps.